Author's House
artists' residency on Zakynthos island
About the residency:
The Author's House is a perfect retreat for writers and painters. Coming to the Greek island of Zante (Zakynthos), in the Ionian Sea, the author will find a house on a hill, with a charming panorama of olive groves and the sea.

The purpose of the residency is to create a place where artists will not be disturbed by everyday affairs and will be able to concentrate on their works as much as possible. The Zakynthos Island is a harbor for long walks and swims and endless reflections. While in the residence, you can concentrate on your art.
Inside the Author's House
2 bedrooms with private bathroom each, maximum of 2 artists. Usually we accommodate two residents at a time.
Stay at the residency 2 up to 8 weeks.
The rooms are fully equipped for comfortable work and relaxation.

Each room has views of the island. The house is filled with sunshine and keeps cool during the summer days.

Residents have access to common areas: kitchen, living room with a library and veranda.

Zakynthos Town: 10 km;
Agios Sostis beach: 4 km;
supermarket, tavern: 1 km.
Terms and conditions:
The Author's House invites artists who work on literary or visual works in various forms. The purpose of stay at the residence is to work on the project.

The length of stay in the residency is 2 to 8 weeks.
Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Each year, the Author's House provides 2 full and 20 partial grants of 3 categories, which partially cover the cost of staying in the residence.

The residency is managed by Anonymous Authors, NGO, which forwards received contributions in full to the support and development of the residency.

How to apply:
1. Fill in the application;
2. Get an answer on your application and grant of support (if provided);
3. Confirm your intentions by a return letter;
4. Make the contribution to the account of Anonymous Authors or use the full grant;
5. Come to the island of Zakynthos to write or paint.

Terms of stay:
• Accommodation: separate room with private bathroom;
• Use of common areas of the house: a kitchen, a living room with a library, veranda;
• Free internet access through Wi-Fi throughout the home;
• Writing supplies - paper, pencils, pens;
• Excursion by the island (optional);
• Consultations on creative writing (optional);
• Friendly environment and creative process support.

What are we expecting from the author:
• Regular artwork during stay in the residence;
• Mention of the name of the residency "Author's House on Zakynthos Island" in the works created during the residence;
• A draft manuscript in a free form, filled with the author's works or sketches of the island. Notebooks have the same format, are provided to residents and after the end of stay remain in the residence in memory of the work process of the author. Nothing serious, only creative sparks here and there;
• A mention of the residence on the pages of social networks of the Author (if any);

About the grants:

Every year Author's House will issue grants of 30%, 50% and 70% support to work at the residency.

Grant Program # 1 - Full Grant for Residency.

Grant Program # 2 - 30% of support. Accommodation fee:
245 € per week.

Grant program # 3 - 50% of support. Accommodation fee:
€175 per week.

Grant Program # 4 - 70% of support. Accommodation fee:
€105 per week.

Outside of the grant program, the residence fee is:

Mandatory cleaning fee - 30€

The applicant is responsible for the costs of travel, food and travel insurance. The Author's House can provide proof of acceptance to the residence, for further processing of the application for a travel grant.

Zakynthos island
Swimming in turquoise sea, walking through the olive groves, listening to the birds singing and charming silence.
The residence is 4 km from the sea and 10 km from the city of Zakynthos.
The island is famous for the picturesque nature that inspired outstanding
Greek and Italian writers and poets:
Hugo Foscolo, Dionisios Solomos, Andreas Kalvos.
Who can become a resident?
The residency is created for authors of different levels. Those who are just starting their own artists' paths and those who have already made a career in the art world. We are visited by artists who seek solitude, want to concentrate their efforts at work and enjoy the Mediterranean landscape. The Author's House is a relaxing space for literary and visual artists.

How to apply?
To apply, fill out the form and wait for our response.
What is the term of stay in the residency?
Usually, the authors are staying in the residence 2 to 8 weeks. This time is enough to plunge into the project and achieve significant progress, which is our goal. You can choose to stay with us between 4 and 8 weeks at a time.
Can I come to the Author's House with my family?
If your friend or family member is also an artist, he or she can apply separately and indicate that they would like to come with you at the same time. In this case, the stay fee is charged to both participants. Accommodation of families is not provided.
How to get to the island?
There are a lot of ways to get here: bus, ferry and of course direct flights from multiple European cities. We can help you find the best route.
Who is eligible to receive a grant?
The grant can be obtained by the author, which details in the application, why they need support and describes the particular project that they will work on during their stay at the Author's House. Please apply for grants only if you really require it. We are non-profit and to keep up our work we require your support.
Visiting the residency during COVID-19
The final dates of your stay will be confirmed 7 days before your arrival on the island.
We cannot guarantee the successful arrival of residents due to countries' restrictions on entry and exit. However, the invitation we give to residents helps in this.
If you are unable to arrive, we will once reschedule your stay with no extra fee.

If the author is unable to visit the residence at the agreed time due to the restrictions that emerged during the COVID-19 epidemic, the visit dates will automatically be postponed to those of 2021. Contributions are non-refundable.

Upon arrival at the residence, the author undertakes to comply with the quarantine requirements of Greece and reduce contact with others. Fortunately, both the residence and the island are designed to allow you to spend these weeks comfortably and continuously working on your project.

Founder of the Author's House
Artists' residency the Author's House is a joint project of the public organization Anonymous Authors and writer Tais Zolotkovska.
The organization's activities are aimed at supporting the literary process in Ukraine and abroad.
Other projects include the Anonymous Club Anonymous - an online community and free-of-charge weekly meetings of novice writers in more than 20 cities of Ukraine.
The founder of the residence is a Ukrainian writer, coach of creative writing, Taiz Zolotkovska. The author of the book "Writing: An Easy Way from Idea to the Book" (Monolith-bizz, 2018), as well as 8 books for adults and children. While staying at the residence, the authors will be able to get feedback on their works and advice on creative writing and literary craftsmanship.
The Author's House
Pantokratoras pano chorio, Zakynthos, Greece, 29092
+30 698 205 32 91